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The Path to Membership

Kanan Barot, Chair of our
Membership Committee
welcomes you to WCoMC

In its simplest form, joining WCoMC (being admitted as a Freeman or Junior Freeman of our Company) is very straightforward. Simply download a copy of our short application form from this section of our website, complete it with the aid of a proposer (sponsor) and two seconders, add a copy of your curriculum vitae and email it to us.

That said, most prospective members have questions, particularly those who do not necessarily know any current members, but who want to join us in order to engage in our philanthropic or educational work, or link to our fellowship network of like-minded consultants. With this in mind, our FAQ PDF document should answer the questions that prospective members most frequently ask, particularly about the cost of membership; or please drop us an email (as suggested below).

The menu to the left will take you through all aspects of becoming a member of our Company. If we haven't addressed your questions, do not hesitate to email our Membership Committee Chair, Kanan Barot, who is a Court Assistant and therefore should be able to answer most if not all of your queries!