Mentoring Forum 4 Feb 2020:  Artillery Arms
Shoptalk meeting 12 Feb 2020:  Artillery Arms
Tasting our Company wine 26 Feb 2020:  10 Stone Buildings
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Application for Pro Bono Assistance

Application for ProBono Assistance

WCoMC members carry out ProBono Consultancy Assignments and Mentoring Engagements as the part of our Company’s contribution to the philanthropy of the City of London. We aim to help Non-Profit Organisations located in Greater London, the South East and throughout the UK, essentially only limited by our members' ease of access to potential clients.

We focus our ProBono support where it can have the most impact on improving social outcomes, particularly supporting the activities of charitable organisations that are either unable to pay normal consulting fees or have exceptional cases for support. The provision of such ProBono Assistance is at the sole discretion of the Company. Please note that members who volunteer their time do expect any reasonable expenses to be reimbursed.