Tasting our Company wine 26 Feb 2020:  10 Stone Buildings
CMCE  "Love the Robot" 3 Mar 2020:  Cass Business School
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Change through Wisdom

The object and intention of the Company is:  "to promote, encourage and foster management consultancy in all its aspects and to facilitate  professional and social discussion and the exchange of information between members of standing in the profession, their clients and society at large concerned with management consultancy and in furtherance of the said objects and intentions and in particular to create and accumulate funds for the benefit of Members of the Company, and the application of the same for the purposes of advancement of the interests of the Company and its Members, the relief of existing Members, retired and decayed Members and their wives, widows, children, orphans and others depending upon them and for the encouragement of the pursuit of excellence in the field of management consultancy including the promotion of education in matters relating to the industry and profession of management consultancy and scholarships, prizes and research in connection therewith, and for any charitable objects".

As a Modern Livery Company, we therefore focus around:

  • Developing the capabilities of organisations in the Third Sector
  • Enhancing the Education and Development of members, their clients and contacts
  • Supporting the City of London Corporation and the Lord Mayor
  • Providing Professional Fellowship amongst our members and their contacts