Mentoring Forum 4 Feb 2020:  Artillery Arms
Shoptalk meeting 12 Feb 2020:  Artillery Arms
Tasting our Company wine 26 Feb 2020:  10 Stone Buildings
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Education Committee

Education Committee

The Education Committee is chaired by Frank Brown. In addition to organising the annual Education Supper, the Committee and its members get involved in other City Livery Education activities including the Sheriff's Challenge and Livery Schools Showcase.

The committee is currently undergoing a strategic review and further details will be posted here in due course.

Education and Schools Panel

Our theme is “bringing out the best of management consulting skills in the younger generations” and we deliver this through our Education and Schools Panel. Our key areas are:
  • Creating a pipeline of young people with ‘management consultancy key skills’ for the future – engaging current members to grow future members over a 30 year period
  • Supporting schoolchildren and students to think like management consultants, through events, programmes and our wider work
  • Providing members with direct hands on experience of education and schools and an opportunity to contribute
  • Providing a link to Supplementary Schools and school partnerships
  • Creating a focus around ‘projects with purpose’ taking a holistic view of education and its impact on children and young people
We look forward to collaborating with other Livery companies and Livery Schools Link to make a difference in education.