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Our Coat of Arms

A brief description

The coat of arms was designed by the Garter Principal King of Arms, Sir Conrad Swan. The ascending star or comet (the tail denotes a comet) refers to knowledge and aspiration and the sword symbolises change. The star in the crest above the shield is held by a hand which alludes to the advice and assistance provided by a consultant. Thus the hand gives advice based on the wisdom of the star.

At the time of our formation, we had established a Ceremonial Committee, which was responsible for correspondence with the Kings of Arms over the design of the Armorial Bearings of Arms, Crest, Supporters and Badge. In November 1994 our Court approved the Arms, stipulating that the Guild’s newly-agreed motto (Change through Wisdom) should be incorporated in the scroll below the shield. The motto had been the subject of much discussion and several suggestions had been made, both in Latin and English! The final decision was partly inspired by the perception that management consultancy was all too often associated with obfuscation!

Over our first 25 years, we have drawn the Coat of Arms three times with differing colour saturation; the most recent is the highest definition and was completed in 2013 by university art students: