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Designing Change....

A new era is dawning for our field. While it is a cliché to note that the pace of change appears to be accelerating as never before, if only for this reason it is undeniable that management consulting expertise has become more indispensable than at any time in the past....

New methodologies will be sought by our clients, and developed and deployed by our profession, to tackle the seemingly unfathomable complexity of all the disruptive developments and disruptive new technologies emerging. However, I believe that it is our own profession, over the next couple of decades, which will be responsible for delivering one of the most disruptive and transformational developments of all, and one which will inevitably lead to sweeping, disruptive changes across our own industry: the ability to catalyze major, enduring, desired transformations rapidly, with minimal risk, and with scientific precision. If that sounds a tall order, and if nothing can prepare you for what I’m about to say, it is not because it is at odds with your experience of the world. Rather, it is at odds with what we’ve all been taught to make of that experience. And that’s the crunch.

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Dr James Wilk,  University of Oxford and Interchange Research (London, Helsinki, New York)