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Our Charitable Fund

The Company of Management Consultants Charitable Fund

Our Charitable Fund is registered charity number 1059212, constituted under a Trust Deed dated 1 October 1996. The trustees are elected annually and typcially will include the Master and one or more Wardens as well as trustees drawn from the wider membership and/or independent of the Company.  The Clerk of the Company also serves as the Secretary and Administrator to the Fund.

The objects of the Fund are the relief of poverty, the promotion of education, training and other purposes in the art and science of management and business administration, and other exclusively charitable objects, anywhere in the world.

Grants made from the Fund are typically directed at defined projects or initiatives, with clear measurable benefits, impact or outcomes, supporting:

  • Charitable causes associated with the City of London and/or the surrounding boroughs;
  • Charities which align with the interests of WCoMC members;
  • The Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness via the City Centre for Charity Effectiveness Trust;
  • Other academic and/or research organisations with which the Company may be deeply involved;
  • The Sea Cadets and specified units of HM Armed Forces with which the Company may be closely associated;
  • The provision of scholarships and bursaries designed to further the profession of management consulting;
  • The provision of scholarships and bursaries for those working for charities with which the Company has a deep and lasting relationship.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please download and complete our application form.  For enquiries relating to potential grants from our Fund, please contact our Clerk at